Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How like a rose we are

Many of the inspirational writers whose work I count on to keep me positive speak of being "opened up" by life experiences and by life itself. More and more I have come to resonate with that image.

What comes to mind for me is a flower—and because I enjoy roses so much, I tend to picture a rose bud. I really love roses when the bud has just begun to open and show a few of its petals but hasn't yet completely spread itself. I know the point is to fully open itself. When it's completely open and the petals are stretching far away from the center, I know that it won't be long and the petals will fall. That has a beauty all its own. But that signals the end of that flower. How sad it is, though, when a rose bud begins to open and then gets stuck in the process, dying before ever it was able to fully open and show its true beauty.

Is that not a metaphor for us? When we allow life to open us up, to live awake and aware, to fully experience all that is out there for us—the joy and the pain of it all—we come to our full beauty. That is life as it's meant to be lived. But when we stay tightly closed, rigidly refusing to feel all of what comes to us, not allowing life's lessons to get inside us and change and transform us, our full beauty cannot be seen or known. And sometimes we die before we ever really lived. How sad.

What would it take for you to feel that you're really alive and aware? To be opened up by all of life's experiences? There's a depth and beauty within you that needs expression. Please contact me if you would like to explore this for your life.

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