Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Toward healthy living

Are you in a workplace (or any other setting) where you feel completely devalued and unappreciated? From conversations with friends and acquaintances and from my work with coaching clients, I would say there's a lot of that going around these days. Sad but true! And so unhealthy!

If you cannot leave that workplace right now, you do have some choices to make. Can you at least find a way to keep the effects of the negativity and the toxins from getting to you? Can you find a way to deflect as much of it as possible? Your attitude and actions can make a difference. If you readily accept the negative messages about yourself that you're getting in that workplace, the damage will be done. If, however, you continue to believe in yourself and in your talents and abilities, far less damage will be done.

A friend of mine told me to always remember to wear my imaginary hardhat, flak jacket and invisible shield to work when I was in a workplace with large amounts of negative energy. Although her advice sometimes made me laugh, I followed it and was glad I did. It helped to imagine all the negative comments—or lack of any comments and feedback—just bouncing right off my gear!

I also did as many things as I could to nurture and feed my spirit so I could withstand the toxins of the situation. If you are experiencing that now, make as many choices as you can that are life-giving and nurturing to you. And then decide what your long-range plan will be. Can you take action to leave that workplace or that relationship? If so, create the steps to get you to that place. Imagine the life and work you really want—and then create a plan to draw that toward yourself. And in the meantime, do all the self-care you can to stay positive and healthy.

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