Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Letting in the light

Have you ever had something so momentous happen to you and felt so broken and hurt that you couldn't see any light at all? Me too. Most of us, if we've lived any number of years at all, have experienced illness, loss, death of loved ones, divorce, job loss and any number of other things that can take us down. Way down.

One thing I have noticed when I experience such pain, however, is that it can provide a time for others to reach into my life and help me. It's often a time when we are totally reliant on the love and compassion of others. And if we believe in God or a Higher Power, it's a time when we more easily let go of our illusion of control and let God help us as well.

I like what Canadian singer/songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen says, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

Indeed. The light gets in through the cracks in our facade—the holes and breaks in the masks we wear for protection. The light gets in when we're down to our core, to our vulnerable selves. The light gets in when we can't see any light on the inside.

Isn't that encouraging? I know I've often found out who my true friends are when I'm at a very low point and when I'm going through my toughest times. They are there, letting in light for me! What that means, too, is that when I'm in a good place inside, I can be the light-bearer and sharer to others. I just need to look around and stay aware to see the needs around me.

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