Monday, February 3, 2014

Good habits to learn

Weight Watchers teaches me the importance of focusing on the positive and of letting go and starting over. These are good habits to develop.

When I've gotten off plan for healthy eating one day—or even an entire weekend—I'm told by my Weight Watchers leader as well as by all the Weight Watchers materials to start over again the next day. Just get right back on plan, they say. Let go of any guilt. Don't beat myself up.

The organization also encourages us as participants to celebrate even tiny successes. Doing so keeps our focus on the positive and helps us to not focus on the one or two things we did wrong. Even the smallest success, such as resisting a huge piece of your favorite dessert at that birthday party and instead only having one small bite, deserves to be celebrated.

These are good habits for me to develop for life in general. Don't focus on where I goofed up; look instead at what I got right. In fact, celebrate when I get things right. And don't think engage in "all or nothing" thinking that says if I make a mistake, all is lost and I'm a failure. When I feel good about myself and how I'm doing, everything goes better. I'm more generous-hearted with others, too.

Whether it's sticking to an exercise plan, eating in a more healthy way, keeping a more positive attitude even during a winter that seems endless, or whatever, what can you celebrate today? And what do you need to let go? Be kind to yourself and face the day with gratitude and just see how much better you feel.

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