Friday, February 21, 2014

Care & feeding for mind & spirit

You can hardly pick up a magazine these days without seeing at least one article on the importance of healthy eating. Perhaps it's a response to the increase in obesity that we're told plagues our country.

I don't dispute the importance of watching what we put into our bodies. I have dramatically changed how and what I eat over the years, and I feel better as a result. It is important for our health and well-being.

What I also think needs some attention these days is what we feed our minds and spirits. Many of my clients want to know what they can do to stay positive amid all the negativity that surrounds them, from workplaces, the media and also from friends and acquaintances. It's not easy to stay positive and grateful in the face of all the bad news, bad attitudes and fear, is it?

We aren't helpless in the face of it all, however. We can make choices about what things we let inside our minds. What TV shows are you watching? What books are you reading? Magazines and newspapers? What's the focus? Are these things uplifting, or do they drag you down even further than any life experiences you might face?

What people are you hanging out with? Are they negative all the time? Or are they a healthy balance of positive and negative? We do have to be real about what's happening in our lives and can't possibly be upbeat and happy every minute of every day. Pollyanna isn't exactly the model. But we can choose gratitude and positive living more often than not. We can choose what messages we listen to and what voices we hear.

Check it out today—and make choices that are good for you. Remember, self-care when it comes to your feelings and your thoughts is as important as caring for your body.

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