Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Possibilities—you're filled with them

I saw a sign yesterday that said, "How beautiful that possibility lives within each and every one of us."

Indeed, it does. And yet how often we simply sleepwalk through our days without thinking about the myriad possibilities that live inside us just waiting to be explored. Possibilities waiting to unfold. Just like the cocoon loaded with possibility—waiting for the beautiful butterfly to emerge and soar—you're filled with roads not yet taken.

What's inside you waiting to emerge? Even if you think you're on the downhill slope of life, with more years behind you than ahead of you, there are still many things yet unseen and undone. Do you have passions or hobbies you still want to try? A bucket or thimble list (thimble lists are the smaller items in life, perhaps not the round-the-world trip you'd love to take, but maybe the museum you've long wanted to visit) with several items left on it? Perhaps another career you'd love to try—even if it's one you start in retirement?

What are you waiting for?  There's no time like the present to see what joy you can bring into the world and what fulfillment you yet might experience. Go for it!

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