Friday, July 18, 2014

Children teach us

I've just spent nearly two weeks visiting my youngest son and his family. He and my daughter-in-law are the parents of my two youngest grandchildren, ages 7 and 2. I'm home again, exhausted but filled up. Filled up with hugs and laughter, filled up with stories and songs, filled up with snuggles and fun and so many good things.

Whenever I'm with my grandchildren, particularly the youngest ones, I'm reminded again of the importance of things such as wonder, spontaneity, living in the moment, openness, creativity and sharing feelings. Children are so open and, unless they've been taught otherwise at an early age, so free to express their love and their joy.

Sadly, many of those things get lost along the way as we age, don't they? We forget to stop and watch bugs or pick flowers just for the simple joy of it. We are far too busy to watch cloud formations in the sky and imagine dragons and elephants. We become more cautious about saying how much we really love someone (what if they don't reciprocate, after all?!). We spend more time regretting yesterday or fearing the future than enjoying today.

I think it's worth trying to recapture some of those elements of our youth. I enjoy the age I am now and wouldn't go back in time for anything. But I want to learn from my grandchildren how better to savor the moment and experience real joy! What about you? Ready for some fun and giggles?

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