Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let go—and learn

You and I spend a lot of our life learning. When we were very young, we learned things at an amazingly rapid rate. How to walk, talk, run, read, do arithmetic—and then math. How to tie our shoes, brush our teeth and eventually, how to take care of ourselves. Once we finished school, no matter what level we attained, we weren't done learning either.

We always have so much more to learn, don't we? New skills. New attitudes. New technology. As times change, so we need to change to keep up and to continue navigating this planet.

What I've discovered, however, is that it's just as important to unlearn things as to learn. I know I talk a lot about the need to let go: let go of ideas and beliefs that don't fit anymore, let go of anger and resentments, let go of old ways of doing things that either we can no longer do at all or that we have discovered better ways of doing, let go of perceptions that we've discovered are wrong, let go of bigotry and unhealthy attitudes—and so much more.

Unlearning can be as challenging as learning. But it is so important if we really want to be healthy and happy. What do you need to unlearn these days?

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