Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pay attention to beauty

Have you ever thought about the beauty all around you? Just how do you define beauty? Is beauty only what's visible to the eye? Or might it also be what you hear and sense all around you? Or even within you?

I sometimes wonder whether our definition of beauty isn't quite limited. We speak of a beautiful sunset, a beautiful nature setting, a beautiful person, a beautiful home, beautiful clothing or jewelry, etc. And all those things and more can be beautiful.

What about the laughter of a child? The singing of the birds early in the morning (even if it does awaken you too soon!)? The feeling of serenity that comes over you when you're surrounded by those who really care about you? The joy when you're sharing a friend's success? The aroma of freshly baked bread? The taste of that first cup of coffee in the morning? The strong desire you have to help someone?

Pay attention. Try to not sleepwalk through your days. Beauty surrounds us. Beauty also lies within us. It can be captured by any one or all of our senses. Wake up and notice with a fresh awareness. Be grateful for it all.

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