Thursday, July 3, 2014

See a pattern?

When you face various issues or problems in your life, are you able to see patterns in how you deal with them? Are there some that recur and that you'd like to change because they're getting in the way?

In my life, for example, I noticed that I was experiencing resentment in my workplace and in some of my relationships. I had headaches frequently. I was tired (or perhaps sick and tired!) a lot. I had many of the signs that I now recognize as burnout in some of my clients. When I began to look at the various parts of my life where the resentments were cropping up, I saw that I did a great deal of over-functioning where others were under-functioning. I began to look at how that pattern had woven a trail through my life. And I looked at ways to change that. Step by small step, I've been making changes in my life so that I can let go of this high-achiever, strong-woman-who-leaps-buildings-in-single-bound syndrome.

If you notice something in your life that's causing you unhappiness—and often causing stress for those around you as well—perhaps it's time to make a few changes. When I hear clients repeatedly offer what seems to be a small throw-away comment such as, "Well, I've always done that," I wonder if it might be the gorilla in the room. Often it is. Once it's noticed—and addressed—it shrinks down to size and becomes manageable.

Any gorillas—or other over-sized animals—hiding in your rooms these days? I invite you to contact me if you wish to deal with them.

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