Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kindness comes full circle

Don't you love how when you provide a random act of kindness, you see its ripple effect—and often it comes full circle to bring you goodness as well? It works in reverse as well, and you get a chance to do something kind for a person who helped you—or even to just pay it forward to another.

I just read about a woman who was raising four children, working and also going to college. Her life was stressful and difficult. One day a customer entered the country store where she worked, and he bought a lottery ticket. He just knew it was a winner. Sure enough, he was a $100 winner. He asked her to give him two $50 bills, and he gave her one and gave her coworker the other. The lottery winner absolutely insisted they each take the money. That money meant so much to this frazzled mother who was having a tough time financially.

As a nurse 12 years later, she walked into a patient's room—and to her surprise, discovered it was the lottery winner. She was delighted to thank him again and tell him how much that $50 had meant, and in her words, "I was deeply honored to be caring for him when he needed someone."

Stories like this are so heart-warming. Who can I reach out to today? To whom can I show kindness and love?

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