Monday, October 6, 2014

Together we rise

Last week the Today Show highlighted breast cancer survivors and those currently dealing with the disease. What really struck me as I watched women share their stories in the company of others was the strength they drew from each other. I saw a real sisterhood—though they spanned the country and came from a variety of races, age groups and lifestyles.

When one woman would share her fears, her experiences and her triumphs, I could see the hope light up in the eyes of those still going through the chemo, radiation and surgeries. There were hugs, tears, words of support and encouragement for each other—and I have no doubt that for the thousands of viewers who watched the program, that hope spread even further.

We do need each other. And it's in the sharing of our stories—sharing our fears, our dreams, our hopes, our losses and our triumphs—that we help one another. It's also through that same sharing that we experience healing and confidence ourselves. Through that, we can find the strength to face what comes our way.

Sometimes our fears draw us deeply down into ourselves, and it's difficult to reach out and tell others. It's also difficult to ask for help and support. But it's good for us to do so, and it's equally good for others to be able to offer support, hope and encouragement.

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