Thursday, October 9, 2014

Life questions & ambiguity

So many people I know are going through what can be called a time of discernment, wilderness or desert time, or any of a variety of names for those times of deep questioning and uncertainty about what's happening in your life or what should come next. Each one of us experiences such periods at various times in our life, so this is not at all unusual.

How you choose to handle that time is what can matter, however. Try to be OK with the ambiguity. Seek to befriend whatever questions arise within you. Above all, determine to not rush toward resolution and answers. It's never comfortable to be in that in-between place—but usually it's a time of real creativity, and it can be the seedbed for new dreams and possibilities. Don't try to run fast to escape the questions and uncertainty. That could just prolong the process. Spend time with the discomfort and complexities to see what might emerge.

Journal with what's coming up inside—or find someone with whom to discuss your thoughts and feelings. If you'd like some coaching around this topic, I invite you to contact me. Remember, I always offer a complimentary, no-obligation initial strategy session before any coaching agreement is entered.

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