Thursday, October 16, 2014

Take action

In its early days, the U.S. space program was an all-male bastion. Male astronauts. Male engineers. Females were secretaries and "computresses" (operators of mechanical calculators). That was it. But after years of speaking up and speaking out, including going before Congress, finally women were allowed in the doors. They took their place as astronauts and engineers, among other things.

As I watched a PBS program the other night that chronicled those years of the space program for women, it reminded me once again: We don't get anywhere with our hope and dreams if we don't take action. We need encouragement to find our voices. Once we find our voice, feel comfortable with who we are and with our right to make choices that we want, we can join with others to create an action plan to open doors that were closed before. Or, if the doors are open, we can create our own personal action plan to reach our dreams and goals.

What dream is still unrealized in your life? Is there some passion still buried inside you? Is it time to create an action plan for yourself so you can truly soar like that beautiful butterfly you are? Go for it. If you really want it, it's worth fighting for or working for.

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