Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Giving brings joy

I'm not exactly ready to think about Christmas already (even though I have actually purchased just a few gifts). I like to enjoy the season I'm in and not rush too far ahead of myself. Right now I'm enjoying fall.

However, I just read in my new issue of Weight Watchers Magazine several ideas for favorite holiday traditions of the magazine's staff. One really struck me as a wonderful idea. Here's what that staffer wrote:

"My husband and I don't buy gifts for each other (we already have too much 'stuff'!), so around mid-December we go to a department store and pay down layaways for people who've got toys on hold. We love how it makes us feel."

Isn't that a great way to "pay it forward" and to celebrate the holiday season? And this in a culture where truly there is so much "stuff" and where there's such an emphasis on spend, spend, spend and me, me, me. I'm just imagining the joy such an act brings to this couple. And it takes no imagination whatsoever to think of the joy it brings to the children who will receive these toys—and to the parents who have been saving up money little by little to give their children some Christmas joy. It's just another reminder of how much joy can be spread when we reach out to others.

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