Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Extroverts & introverts

Sometimes Facebook can be a wasteland and a time-sucker. Other times, it yields up news I hadn't heard, inspirational quotes that help me through my day and wonderful connections with someone I hadn't seen in years.

Recently I saw an interesting post that included two columns. One column listed 10 things with the heading "How to care for extroverts," and the other column listed 12 things with the heading "How to care for introverts." (No, I don't know why introverts had 12 things, not 10!)

Even though officially on the Myers-Briggs, I have shifted from the extrovert column just barely over into the introvert column at this stage of my life, my fiancĂ© tells me I act like an extrovert. That I do—mostly. And he is, without any question, an introvert. So when I saw this post, I printed it out. It's really helpful as I think about how we respond to each other. The two types are quite different in what they need and what motivates them. It's really about the source of our energy: whether it comes from inside us (through time spent quietly and alone) or from outside (in relationship with others). What energizes you most? Time alone? Or time with others?

For example, one of the points in the extrovert column is, "Respect their independence." Oh, yes, that's extremely important to me. And one in the introvert column is "Respect their need for privacy"—very important for someone like my fiancĂ©.

This posting is a good reminder to me of differences—and respecting them. Vive la difference!

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