Friday, June 12, 2015

You & the Grand Canyon

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? It is truly something to behold—277 miles long, 18 miles wide at points and more than a mile deep. The canyon is simply breath-taking in scope and grandeur. Debates exist as to exactly how it was formed, but it's likely a combination of natural forces that include volcanic activity, tectonic plate shifting and erosion from a variety of water sources such as rivers, streams and ocean.

Your own growth and personal development as you proceed through life is not unlike that of the formation of this canyon. You are shaped and transformed by a variety of events and situations in your life that can wear away your rough edges, soften your heart and open up new channels of insight and seeing. It's quite amazing, really, to think about your life shaped in a similar way to earth's wonders. I certainly see that in my life.

Sometimes it's the painful situations that most shape us. Other times, it is the love of another that fuels our growth just as rain and warm sunshine brings plants to life in the springtime. Mostly, however, it's really a combination of those things.

And the result? Something truly amazing to behold! Celebrate yourself today. Celebrate the ways you have been shaped by the blessings in your life—and by those things you never would have wished to experience.

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