Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just walk away

"You should calmly walk away from a heated discussion when the words being traded cease being reasonable. Getting burned by someone's vitriol can only happen if they are successful enough to ensnare you in their little corner of the world."

This is another saying by the inspirational author Dodinsky that really speaks to our power to choose—not unlike the saying quoted in yesterday's blog.

Have you ever gotten into an argument that turned circular—and you could see it was going nowhere but down? Yes, me too. Or it turned nasty very quickly—and you were on the receiving end of some awful spewing? Best to just walk away when that happens. Don't get caught into a web of toxicity.

Always remember: You get to choose. Whether it's about who your friends are, how they treat you or about getting ensnared in negative, dead-end arguments and behavior, you can choose what's healthy for you. You can choose what's life-giving—and what's not. Again, it's the power to choose. And it's yours.

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