Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You have what you need

I love the concept of transformation or the metamorphosis that occurs when a caterpillar creates its cocoon and later emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Isn't it just amazing? That's why I use the butterfly as a symbol for my Way2Grow coaching practice.

What's fascinating to me is that the caterpillar's body contains all it needs to become a butterfly. All the parts are there. When the caterpillar is inside the cocoon it has built, those parts develop and rearrange themselves out of the "caterpillar soup" that's created when the caterpillar's tissues dissolve inside the cocoon.

This reminds me that you and I have all we need inside, too, to become beautiful butterflies who can soar through life. We don't always remember that inside us, we have the resources and abilities we need. Often, we need someone else to urge and encourage us to look deeply within to discover these resources. Sometimes, though, when we're in a difficult situation—perhaps facing illness or job loss—we discover strength and serenity we hadn't known was there. Tough times can actually pull us down into our core to draw out reserves we hadn't drawn on before.

What do you need right now? What would it take for you to discover your own resources?

If you would like some coaching to access your wisdom and abilities, I invite you to contact me. I always offer a complimentary strategy session to see whether coaching can be of help to you.

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