Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be aware. Be grateful. Be accepting.

Earlier this week, in a gratitude daybook I have, I read this from poet Barbara Cage: "Every day, be full of awareness of the beauty around you. Be full of gratitude for friends and family, for the goodness you find in others, for your health and all you're capable of. Be full of acceptance of yourself and others—without conditions or judging, knowing that differences and changes make life interesting."

Isn't that just filled with good thoughts? I could spend a long time journaling about all the things in those few sentences. I'm filled up just reading it.

Be aware of beauty. Be filled with gratitude. Be accepting. Be aware of the positive side of differences and change. Let go of judging and conditional love.

What more can I say? Let yourself read and reread those words. Be inspired!

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