Monday, February 1, 2016

Share those stories

Women + stories + sharing=deep connections and transformation.

When women gather and share their stories, they encourage and support one another. And when that happens, anything is possible. Suddenly, the changes and growth we may have feared or about which we felt uncertain can seem possible. Transformation is around the corner.

Ever had that experience? I've had it before. And it happened again recently when my YaYa group gathered. We shared photos from each of the first two stages of our lives (maiden and mother) and talked about who we knew ourselves to be back then. We shared who we are now as older women (wise women in the "crone" stage of life, which in ancient times was known as elderhood). Crones were then considered to be valuable and important members of the community. We shared what traits we'd like to further develop as we age, too.

It was such a rich and exciting day for us, and we parted knowing that we had wonderful support from each other to continue whatever journey we're on at the moment. We are each moving on, knowing we do have the strength and the wherewithal to become those valued elders in our families and communities. Wow, how powerful that is!

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