Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preparing your soil

Where I live, it's soon time to plant gardens. Already I see people out in their flower and vegetable gardens, working up and preparing the soil. They probably also have seeds growing in a well-lit place inside. They're preparing everything for the planting.

This makes me think of our "inner gardens." What do we want to grow in our lives? Do we want a garden of negativity and resentment? Do we want to grow and nurture anger, jealousy and envy? Not likely.

If we want instead to raise blooms of joy, compassion, peace and love, that means we need to insure that the soil of our lives is the type of environment in which such things will grow. This means a check of our attitudes, a check of what we're putting into our minds and hearts, a check of our external environment. With what type of people are we surrounded? What TV programs are we watching? What books are we reading and movies are we seeing? What kind of thoughts are we thinking? Are they inspiring and uplifting? Or depressing and upsetting? Are we filled with gratitude? Or anger and resentment?

Are we doing everything we can to insure an inner garden of good and positive things? The preparation is important. So is daily watering and nurturing, whatever forms of inspiration provide that for you. Healthy, beautiful gardens don't happen by accident. They take planning, preparation and intention.

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