Friday, April 15, 2016

Dance through life

What makes you feel most alive? What makes your spirits sing? And what puts a smile on your face that lasts a long time?

Are you doing those good things for yourself? I hope so.

Remember to carve out time for play, for joy, for things that just tickle you from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet! This isn't wasted time. It's good for body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps you learned to finish your work before you spent time in play (and somehow the time for play never came since to-do lists are seldom finished). You might feel guilty if you sit down and—gasp—read a book during the day. Or take a nap. Or color in your brand new adult coloring book. Or whatever brings you joy and makes your spirit dance.

But let that guilt go. Let go of those old messages and ideas about play being a waste of time and an extraneous activity. No, no, no—anything that opens you to wonder and amazement is good. Anything that makes you come alive is good. The world needs more people who are alive and awake—more people who are filled with joy. Think of how much more loving and compassionate you are to others when your spirit is full.

So what'll it be today?

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