Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let yourself be calmed

I've often said that attitude and perspective can make all the difference in how events and experiences impact us. A positive attitude doesn't change the situation. It changes us so we can better handle the situation.

Recently I came across notes I'd taken as someone was interviewed on TV about a controversial and difficult time in their life. The comment really struck me, which I guess was why I wrote it in my journal. Here's what the person being interviewed said: "Sometimes God calms the storm. And sometimes God lets the storm rage—and calms us."

Yes! It's just another way of saying what I often say about attitude. If you and I can let ourselves be calmed amid a stormy and tumultuous time, we'll face it with more strength and energy. Doing so may change the outcome—or it may be the same outcome. But we'll be changed. And that's the important thing.

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