Monday, April 4, 2016

Speak your fear

We all have fears. It doesn't matter how tough our exterior, what age we are, what our circumstances or where we live—we're human and so we have fears. What we fear and how we respond to those feelings of fear differs, of course.

Depending upon the object of your fear, ridding yourself of it can be simple or it can be a long process. For example, if you are genuinely afraid you won't finish your project on deadline and you're the only one working on it, you do have some control. You can make a plan and stick to it, facing the fear and moving ahead anyway.

However, if you fear being in an enclosed space, for example, that will take a much more involved process to address. Even so, it's that first step that's important: speaking it, facing it.

Your fear will shrink if you get it out of your head and acknowledge it. Talk openly with someone you trust about your fear. Write it out on paper and really examine it. If it's something beyond your ability to address, I invite you to seek professional help. There's no shame in that—and it will liberate you in ways you might not imagine. Even if it's something you can address, it's still important to speak it or write it. Something about taking a look at fear (speaking or writing it out) brings it down to a more manageable size. Don't keep it locked inside where it takes on over-sized proportions.

So, what are some of your unacknowledged fears?

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