Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Each day is gift

I'm not sure whether it's my age—or whether it's the times in which we live—but each week seems to bring more news of someone facing a serious life issue. Friends dying, receiving a harsh medical diagnosis, losing jobs or having their job go sour in a big way, facing financial distress and more. Some days it gets really heavy, doesn't it?

A dear friend of mine always reminds me to not let this drag me down as I support those experiencing these issues. Instead, she says, let these things remind you to be present to the current moment. She's right. Let's not live with our eyes in the rear view mirror. And let's not live with our heads so far in the future, making plans that may or may not happen. Rather, let's be right here right now. Let's savor our moments. Tell people we love that we do love them. Listen to people with attention. Feel more compassion. Give out more smiles and hugs.

Each day is a gift. Open it with gratitude. Spend it wisely and lavishly!

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