Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does size matter?

Are you obsessing on your body weight or self-image now that we’ve begun a new year? So many women are.

I confess that my Christmas indulgences (oh, those sweets were delicious!) are coming back to haunt me right now. And I am hearing the same messages you are about going on a diet, starting a Weight Watchers program or ordering NutriSystem.

It’s all making me wonder whether we can have a healthy self-image no matter what our dress or pants size. Does size really matter? Can you maintain your self-confidence no matter what the scale says?

Healthy or sexy?
We women get so many media messages about being svelte and sexy. It’s all a bit overwhelming at times.

We also receive media messages about being healthy—about eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep.

Have you decided where you fall on the continuum with good health at one end and having a model’s figure on the other? You can be healthy even though you have a larger dress or pants size than you’d like. And being a size 6 doesn’t necessarily mean you are in good health.

I encourage you to try clear out all society’s messages, all the ads and media messages that tell us (subtly, of course) that we aren’t lovable or won’t be happy if we aren’t size 6 (or less!) or 100 pounds dripping wet. Consider what it takes to make you feel your best. What foods make you feel good? What amount and type of exercise is best for you? What do you need to feel great about yourself? What would it take to feel healthy and energetic?

I’d love to hear your ideas on this. What are you doing to create a healthy self-image? Please share your comments and tips so we can all be inspired.

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