Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Listen to your longings

For what do you most yearn at this point in your life?

Is there something you’ve long wanted to do? Would you like to change careers—or do you want to move up in your present field?

Are you ready for a new relationship—or do you need to make changes in a current friendship or love relationship?

Or is it balance you long for—or a better self-image?

Just know that, whatever your deepest longings are, you are worth it! Let this be the year you give yourself the gift of expressing and meeting your longings.

Small steps
Is something holding you back? Perhaps you hear yourself giving excuses: I don’t have time for that goal. I can’t do that; it’s too selfish, and my family needs all my time. I don’t have what it takes to do that.

Really? Is that true? Be honest.

Do you still want to go for it? OK, then determine how you will get there. What needs to be done to reach for longed-for desire? Break the goal down into small steps. Bite-sized pieces are easier to swallow than the entire pizza!

What one thing can you do this month to get there? And after that? Imagine how it will feel to get what you so desire. Can you picture it? How do you feel? How does it change your world—and your outlook?

What resources might you need to get there? If you need support from family or friends, just ask. If you need encouragement and coaching, email or call me today for an initial conversation—or to schedule a complimentary and absolutely no-obligation sample session.

Listen to your heart. Follow your yearnings. Make this the year you take action!

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