Friday, January 27, 2012

Choose love

I’ve heard it said that we act either from love or from a place of fear. Does that resonate with you?

Think about how you feel inside when you feel loved and loving. What are some of the things you notice? I feel it physically—my heart feels expansive and full. I feel softer inside, and my facial features soften as well! I smile more easily. I feel generous toward others, much more forgiving and accepting. How about you?

Now think about how you feel when you’re fearful. What is that like? I tighten up, my heart shrivels, and I get irritable and less open and welcoming.

Feel the difference
One interesting way to demonstrate this for yourself is to say aloud, one at a time, a list of very negative words: Violence. Attack. Jealousy. Abduction. Murder. You’ll have other words of your own. Notice how you feel as each word is spoken.

Now say words that are loving and positive: Beloved. Sweetheart. Gentle. Compassionate. Think of other words that work for you. Again, notice how you feel.

Here’s the deal: You do have a choice. True, things will happen that are difficult to see in a positive way: the death of a loved one, a tough medical diagnosis, job loss. You need to be honest as you process such difficult things in life. Once you’ve done the grief work, however, you can choose whether you want to stay stuck in grief and fear—or whether you want to move on.

You felt the difference in your body as you said negative words and as you said positive, loving words. So what’s your choice?

If you choose love, make a plan today to live from that place. Face your fears—and move on. Live in the joy. We’ll talk about how to do that next time.

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