Monday, January 23, 2012

What? Ask directions?

What’s on your mind now that you’re nearly one month into a new year? Do you have a hope or intention for this year—or a resolution or two? And how is that working out so far?

If you have a hope, a dream, an intention or resolutions—have you actually made a step-by-step plan to get there?

If not, why not take the time today to do this? When you plan a trip to a new place, you can’t get there without getting directions and making a plan. So it is with an intention.

I don’t need a plan
Men are often teased for not asking directions. In truth, however, many of us are guilty of not creating a plan to get where we want to go.

This is a great time to change that. The year is still new. You still have time to ask what needs to change so you can reach your heart’s desire. What is it you really want for 2012? What will it take to get there?

And how can you break that down into bite-sized and manageable pieces?

Maybe you still have some letting go to do before you can move forward. What do you no longer want? Write it down. What do you want now? Write it down. What one thing can you do to move closer to that goal? Write that down. As you think of more actions to get you to your hope, your dream or goal, add them to your list.

We all need inspiration from others. I invite you to share with us in the comment box what works (and doesn’t) for you.

I’m pulling for you! I’d love to see you attain that for which you most yearn this year!

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