Monday, February 20, 2012

Women and group energy

Tonight my monthly women’s book club, Chapter One, gathers to talk about our most recent book read. Sometimes when life has seemed too busy or stressful, I’ve thought about dropping out of the group.

But when I think about my life without this wonderful group of bright, wise and funny women, I don’t want to be without the energy I find there. I also love the sharing we do about the book and about our lives.

Have you noticed that when women gather, there’s often a dynamic that energizes and uplifts those who are part of it? Do you have women’s groups of which you’re a part? What has been your experience?

Before long, I would love to put together some group coaching opportunities. Why? Because there are times when women just need the company of other women to learn and grow.

Individual coaching is most appropriate for certain times and issues you face. But at other times, you might gain from the synergy that builds when a small group of women gather to talk about a specific topic.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you interested in group coaching? What topics interest you? (For some ideas, see the Articles page of my website.) Then please add your ideas in the Comments box for this article. Thank you!

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