Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovable--no matter what

Although I’m engaged now, I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days as a single. Most of those years, I didn’t mind. I had a life I really loved, filled with friends, my kids and grandkids, my job and lots of activities.

I’ll be honest: There were times, though, when all the Valentine’s Day ads and the bouquets of roses on colleagues’ desks got to me.

Have you been there? Or perhaps you’re there now.

Let me remind you right here and right now: No matter whether you’re single or in a relationship, you are lovable! Yesterday we talked about self-love, and that’s where it all begins. When you love yourself, you always have someone around who loves you! And when you love yourself, you’re that much better able to love others. It’s difficult to love someone when your cup is empty. And when you love others, it comes back to you!

What can you do today?
If you don’t have any plans with a special someone today, here are some ideas for you: Take the day off work as a wellness or spa day; treat yourself. Do something to relax: a long soak in a bubble bath—or some time on the mat doing your favorite yoga positions. Write yourself a love note; list the things you really love about yourself. Create Valentine’s Day baskets for people you know who are going through a rough patch. Gather your girlfriends for a pizza and movie night. You get the idea.

There are so many ways to make today a special day—and to remember that you are lovable, no matter what!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you amazing woman, you!

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