Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is a gift

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s only a Hallmark day or a day for candy companies and florists. Others say it’s only a day for lovers. So for singles who want to be with someone special, it can be a miserable day. Still others say it’s ridiculous to just have one day that’s about love. We should tell people we love them every day.

Yes, we should. And we should tell ourselves that we love ourselves, too.

I know, I know, we women have not learned to do that well. Actually, most people on the planet probably haven’t.

What would self-love look like?

Accept no less
It would mean believing in yourself—even when others around you don’t encourage or affirm you. It would mean respecting yourself—and not doing things that aren’t in line with your values or who you are. It would mean speaking up for yourself, not accepting put-downs or slurs. Educator, speaker and author Parker Palmer says, “No punishment anyone might inflict on us could possibly be worse than the punishment we inflict on ourselves by conspiring in our own diminishment.” I so agree.

Self-love means loving yourself in that unconditional way you love your partner, your children, your very best friends, or others who are important and essential in your life. You deserve that same love, too.

It means you love your body and care for it. Feed it good foods that delight the senses and keep you healthy. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. If at all possible, choose a workplace that maintains respect for who you are.

What else do you do to show you love yourself? Please share it in the Comments section.

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