Friday, May 10, 2013

Pay attention to your anger

Anger is a fascinating topic, isn't it? Have you ever noticed that men are encouraged by our society to show anger because it's a strong emotion and women are discouraged from doing so because it isn't feminine? Women get to cry. Men get to be angry.

Anger also is a very serious issue. When you feel angry about something, it's time to stop and pay attention. What is the anger about? How strongly are you feeling it? How are you expressing it? What type of anger is it? Indirect and passive? Directed at self? Rage?

Anger isn't bad. It simply is. But the way we handle it and express it makes a difference. As I said in a blog post from May 10, 2012, there's "gold" in anger. The gold is the energy it contains, which, when channeled properly, can propel you forward. It might move you toward resolution of a long-standing problem. It might push you to set boundaries you should have set long ago.

But you also need to know when to let it go. You don't want to carry it around for too long; it can be a virtual ball-and-chain dragging you down and making your life (and that of those around you) miserable.

Pay attention to your anger. Use it in positive ways when possible. And always, always, let it go as soon as you can. Learn its lessons. And let it go.

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