Monday, May 27, 2013

Be the love for which you long

How often do we hear that those who are happiest in life are those who think of other people—those who reach out and serve others rather than simply focusing only on themselves? Studies have actually shown that those who serve and share are far happier and more content than those who don't.

So rather than worrying about how to get friends, how to attract a partner or mate, how to land a great job, how to make more money and meet your wants and needs, why not start with being love, peace, and abundance? Be what you want in your life.

Simply by shifting your focus to being what you want, you will feel more positive, open and joyful. And what so often happens is that you then begin to draw positive people to you. Think about those with whom you'd rather spend time—a person who's infatuated with himself or who can talk about nothing but herself? Or a person who is happy and content with life and who cares about what you have to say?

A website for which I've been invited to be a pioneer and test out its activities to learn how to be happier and how to savor life,, noted in one of its activities that when people used an amount of "found money" to buy things for others rather than for themselves, they were far happier and more content. That just makes sense to me.

Think of one thing you can do today that would make someone else happy. Then just do it. Doesn't it feel wonderful to make someone else's day? It also can take the focus off your stress.

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