Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wake up. Pay attention.

Most of us live so focused on our to-do lists and those things that are right in front of our noses that we fail to see—really see—all the beauty that surrounds us.

Try this today: Take a walk around the rooms of your house, or outside your house or in your neighborhood. Try to notice five things you hadn't noticed before. Stop and really look at the beauty or uniqueness of each of those things. Savor them. What are you seeing? What do you especially enjoy about those objects?

I have a tree in my yard, right outside one of my bedroom windows, that I have really begun to notice this year. Why did I not notice its lovely white flowers other years? I don't know. But this year I am savoring its beauty each time I walk by my windows and each time I'm out in my front yard.

It's all about being awake and aware, isn't it? And it's about appreciating—savoring. It's a wonderful way to live. But it's so, so easy to get caught up in the dailiness and routines of life.

Sometimes you and I need reminders to stop and savor. Pay attention. Consider this your reminder for the day or the week!

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