Monday, May 13, 2013

Here's to women who birth ideas and dreams

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I have several friends who are not mothers. I also have known women who were trying to have a baby and who for one reason or another, were unable to do so. For many of these women, Mother's Day is an extremely painful day. Reminders of their childlessness are everywhere on that day. Some have chosen their state. Others have not. Even those who have chosen may still find it a sad day. It's good for us to be aware of that.

Knowing these women has widened my view of such holidays. I now see Mother's Day as a day to celebrate all women who nurture us. No doubt you have been nurtured and mentored by many women (and perhaps some men as well!) other than your birth mother. I have, too.

I also see that day as one to celebrate women everywhere who give birth to things other than children: ideas, dreams, books, artwork, music, organizations, projects and all manner of other things to which you and I give life.

Because of that, I have long sent Mother's Day cards to women other than my mother, who is no longer with me in any case. My practice has caught several of my friends off guard at first; but so far, I've gotten a positive and appreciative response.

Who has mentored, mothered or nurtured you? Find a way to thank them and to celebrate their gifts in your life. And next Mother's Day, you may want to even send a card.

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