Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Plan for change

Are you facing any life changes? Perhaps you're wanting to make some sort of job transition or career change? Or maybe you really didn't want to, but you're being forced to do so. Are you moving? Facing a divorce or relationship change? Or perhaps you're like many of us, aware of your aging process and the fact that you can't do everything you used to be able to do so easily. You know some changes are necessary.

Change is just a constant part of life. Still, many people have a difficult time with it and fight it. How about you? Do you move easily with change—or do you tend to resist, living in denial and then fighting it once you've given up denial?

The important thing is to not beat up on yourself for doing that. It's a fairly human tendency. That said, stop and take stock right now. Are there major, or minor, changes in your life for which you could begin making an action plan? What do you need to do first? Is it too large to handle in a single bite? Then break it down into smaller actions. Whatever will help you move forward, that's the thing to do. And you're more likely to succeed if you take manageable chunks at a time. Make sure your goal is attainable and fits with your personality and style. Make sure it's also sustainable for you.

And if you would like some coaching to get you unstuck and help create an action plan, please contact me. I offer a no-obligation, complimentary strategy session that will help you see whether coaching can be of help to you.

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