Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make a choice to be positive

So much in life reminds me that it's definitely a "both/and" kind of world, not an "either/or" one. I also know we have the ability to make choices. Do you want to be positive? Or negative?

When I listen to the news, I hear stories out of Washington, D.C., that just exhaust me. I'm really tired of the fighting, of one side trying to make the other look bad and fail and vice versa. I'm tired of gridlock and all the partisan politics that get us nowhere. I'm tired of finger-pointing and whining. I wish I could send members of Congress to their rooms without any dinner! This is the United States at its worst, I think.

Then I hear the stories of people helping others, such as those who are assisting the residents of Moore, Oklahoma, following the tragic tornado deaths and property losses last week. And I think, Yes, this is the United States at its best. I hear stories of Americans spending time in other countries, lending a hand in recovery, relief and business start-ups. And I feel so good.

Corporately we are just like we are as individuals: both/and people. We sometimes are at our generous and loving best, and other times we are stingy and mean-spirited.

Although you and I are both/and, we can do something to be generous and loving more often. In the words of an old Cherokee legend, we can "feed the good wolf." Check out this story if you've not heard it before. It's one of my favorite reminders that I do have a choice about how I react and how I live in this world.

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