Monday, September 9, 2013

Energy, powerful energy

Energy. It's an amazing thing, isn't it? Have you ever noticed the energy that follows someone into a room? Notice sometime what happens when a person enters the room. Does she bring with her a joyful, positive energy? Or can you almost see the black cloud over his head entering the room with him—and then feel your own energy dip?

Each of us is surrounded by an energy field. Depending on what we're feeling and what "inner space" we occupy at the particular time, that energy changes. If you are in a negative place inside, perhaps feeling extremely angry or sad, others will feel that energy when you approach. However, if you are filled with joy or just simply feeling open and loving inside, that's the energy you'll project when you walk into a room.

Energy is powerful and strong. Try this, just to see its strength. Sit comfortably with your arms bent at the elbows, hands in front of you. Rub your hands together firmly until you feel the heat building up in your palms. Keep it up for a while. Then slowly pull your hands apart a ways. Hold them there for a while until you feel the pulsing in your palms. That's energy. Now slowly move your hands toward each other again and feel the resistance that's there. Isn't that amazing?

Learn to be aware of the energy inside and around you. You do not always have a choice about what happens to you. You do have a choice about how you respond to those things, however. You have a choice about whether you approach life and its experiences in a positive way. Or with a negative attitude. Whatever your choice, that's the energy you'll feel inside—and the energy you will project onto others. Choices. They're yours to make.

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