Friday, September 6, 2013

'Harvest' your writings

It just never fails. Every time I go back to one of my old journals and do what I call "harvest my journal," I am enriched. I always experience huge aha moments.

If you journal, try it sometime. When you feel the urge to do so, reread a section of an old journal. See where you were then, what questions were on your mind at that time, what was being resolved and just notice what was going on inside—and outside—you at that time. Then reflect on what that means for you now.

Do you find yourself at an entirely different place now? Have you settled what was then a big issue for you? Or are the questions on your mind then still niggling away now? If so, what do you want to do about that? If not, celebrate your growth!

If you don't keep journals, you can do much the same thing by going back in time in your mind to remember what loomed large for you a year ago, two years ago or more. Then think about where you are now. (Some people keep a diary and record not only the events but reactions to them; so if that's your style, you can do the same thing with a diary.) Awareness is the point here.

Only moments ago, I just happened to pick up my journal from 2011 and was fascinated by some of what I wrote then. Some things have worked out beautifully and resolved themselves. I am so grateful! And others provided huge aha moments and reminded me that they still needed some attention. In yet other instances, I could see how far I had come. At this stage in my life when I'm asking some big life questions, all this information is extremely helpful to me. I know a tighter focus on what I've gleaned today will enrich my life, probably even in ways I cannot yet imagine—and in the end, the experience will be positive and bring me to a place of even deeper joy.

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