Friday, September 20, 2013

4 steps closer to your dream

Do you have a dream you've been holding "out there" for a long time? You want this thing—whatever it is—a new career, a relationship, weight loss or some other move toward healthier living. It's wonderful to have a dream, but at some point you may want to take steps to put legs on it.

First, name your dream. What name will you put onto this desire? Naming it and actually knowing it as a living, breathing part of your life are important parts of the process.

Second, claim your dream. Naming it isn't enough by itself. You have to decide that you truly DO want to make this dream a reality. You may have to claim it over and over again. The fears that may have been there originally keep resurfacing, or new ones come along to hold you back. Not to worry. Claim and reclaim—as often as it takes. Claiming your dream brings you energy for it.

Third, face down your fears. Take them one by one, examine them and see whether they're based in any reality. Often, our fears are not. If they are based in reality, however, see what it takes to address them and deal with them. What do you need to do to avoid the thing you fear?

Fourth, set small and achievable action steps to move you closer to your dream. Feel the energy you gain simply by writing down those steps—and see the energy you get when you move from one step to the next and the next. Wow, isn't that exciting?

Your dream may be small (perhaps you simply dream of getting more sleep than you've been getting so you feel more positive each day) or it may be large (career change, for example). Whatever it is, move toward it today. Go for it!

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