Thursday, September 19, 2013

Perfectionism and recovery

I call myself a "recovering perfectionist." I learned early on to be a high achiever. Sure, there's a good side to that. There is also a definite negative side as well.

Do you have perfectionistic tendencies? Are you a full-blown perfectionist? If you are neither of these, consider yourself blessed. Really. Doing your best is plenty good enough!

When I look back on the early years of my marriage and motherhood, I shudder. I wanted so much to do everything well: to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect pastor's wife, the perfect cook, the perfect friend, the perfect daughter. You name it, I wanted to excel at it all. Good grief, what a burden.

Now my motto is: progress, not perfection. I want to be grounded and real. I want to live in the present as much as is possible, and I want to savor and enjoy life and the people around me. That is really all you and I need as we move toward being as healthy as we can, as authentic as we can and to living happy, positive and fulfilled lives.

If you, too, struggle with perfectionism, see whether you can let go of the need to excel and achieve to such a high degree. See yourself soaring as that beautiful butterfly you are, free of the burden of trying to be perfect!

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