Thursday, September 26, 2013

Follow your passion

Last week I heard a TV interview with a woman who had a fulfilling enough career. But she also had a cause about which she cared deeply. So she found ways to support that cause in small ways and on a part-time basis.

Little by little, however, part-time wasn't enough. Her passion for the cause was such that she just had to follow it through to its logical conclusion. It just needed to be full-time for her. And now she has created something that is doing much good in the world, and she's found many partners with whom to connect so as to grow the work she was able to do on her own.

As I heard her story, I thought of what happens not only within us as we follow our passions—but also of the good that can be accomplished in the world as we do.

What's on your heart—large or small—that is crying to be expressed? Is there a way you can start small and see where it takes you? Or maybe you just want to take a deep breath and jump into the deep end right away?

Whatever it is, I invite you to follow your passion and your dreams. Who knows where the journey will take you? And who knows what good things you might spark? For example, I have a friend whose career days are done and whose volunteer work has nearly come to its end, too. But she has a passion for motivating and encouraging others. So she sends cards and notes of encouragement to other people as they follow their passions. In so doing, she sends them soaring in the direction of their dreams. It may seem like such a small thing—but it really isn't. How often has a word of validation or encouragement been just what you needed to get off the dime? I know what a difference that makes in my life.

So don't let the size of your dream stop you. It doesn't have to be huge. It just has to be your passion fueling it!

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