Thursday, September 5, 2013

Give worry a holiday

I'm a worrier. I don't know about you, but I worry about things. It isn't excessive, but I really would like to not worry, period. I can't think of one instance in my life where my worry has really helped the situation. However, I can think of several times when I have wasted minutes or hours worrying about something that never happened—or something that turned out well rather than into the disaster I had imagined.

You and I can't control much of what happens to us. We can control how we respond to those things, however. And we can control how much time we give over to worrying about what might happen—losing time we'll never get back, if you really think about it.

When I catch myself worrying these days, I try to stop myself right away and ask: Do I really know what will happen? Is it possible for me to know? If not, will I be OK just setting this aside for the moment? And then I picture myself putting the whole issue, worries and all, into a drawer and closing it. It can be there until something further develops. Until then, if there's really nothing I can do to affect the outcome, I try—I really do try—to just let it be.

Sometimes I find journaling about the situation or fear helps me let go of the worry. I take a good look at it and realize how futile is my worry.

What tips do you use to stop worry in its tracks? Or don't you even worry to start with?

Stay positive. Don't let the negative, worrying thoughts take up space inside your head. See if it doesn't make you less stressed and more joyful. I'm trying, too!

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