Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Attitude is everything

Have you ever applied for a job and thought yourself to be either under-qualified or over-qualified? How did you present yourself when you were interviewed—with confidence? Or with an attitude that reflected how you felt (under- or over-qualified)?

Attitude makes all the difference, doesn't it? I have heard of many people who have gone into interviews knowing that they don't have all the skills listed in the job description but knowing that they are quick learners and knowing that they have what it takes to get up and running quickly. And they have landed the job. Of course, you have to possess enough of the qualifications to get you in the door to begin with—but presenting yourself with confidence that you have what it takes to handle and learn the job quickly can make the difference.

Anne Kohut, who's had a long and distinguished career in sales, recruiting and career development, now has a passion to help one million job seekers. Her website and seminars encourage you to see (and present) yourself as "absolutely qualified" rather than as over-qualified—an especially important distinction these days when so many are unemployed and are glad to have any position they can land. It's really important, too, because so many people over 50 and 60 have lost jobs and are seeking positions that will carry them to retirement or to an encore career. If you believe it yourself, you'll be able to say it convincingly to an interviewer. If you don't, that will come through in your words and your body language.

As I see Kohut's advice, I think it applies to many areas of life. A shift in attitude can make a difference in so many parts of daily life: how I see things that happen to me, how I tell my life story (with a positive spin or a poor-me attitude), how I hear what others say, how I look at life in general. What's your view today? Is there anything you need to do to change it?

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