Friday, October 18, 2013

Dreary days bring gifts, too

It's a cool, rainy and dreary day as I write this blog. We've had almost a steady stream of incredibly beautiful fall days—sunny and warmer than usual for this time of year. We've all been enjoying these days and exclaiming over them. So it's easy to be crabby today and wonder where all the fall beauty went.

I have to stop myself, however, and remember that I wouldn't appreciate the warm, sunny days so much if that were all we ever had.

I also have to remind myself that these dreary days have gifts of their own to bring me. This kind of day helps me slow down my pace ever so slightly. When it's sunny and warm, my energy level is higher; and I can forget to stop and smell the roses. On days such as today, I am not running quite so fast. I notice more. My awareness level is ratcheted up. I more easily remember to stop and pay attention. I can even appreciate the fall color in soggy leaves! I can stop and sip a cup of tea.

In fact, perhaps I should stop blogging and read a book for a while. It's a perfect day for that. Or perhaps a short nap might even be in order! Maybe I can even just concentrate for a while on staying awake and aware—perhaps even journaling with whatever bubbles up inside as I simply stop "doing" and try just "being" for a while.

What gifts do you find in dreary, rainy days? Can you let yourself enjoy them? Go ahead—give yourself a break. See what it does for you and in you.

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