Monday, October 28, 2013

The power of love

One of my favorite writers, Paula D'Arcy, in her book Waking Up to This Day: Seeing the Beauty Right Before Us, describes her journey back from the grief of losing her husband and young daughter in a car accident that she herself survived.

Among other things she talks about the power of love. Love asked her to rebuild her life, she says, and to believe that healing was possible. Love told her to fight: "Fight to heal. Fight to recognize everything as gift. Fight to eliminate the thoughts that poison your system: unforgiveness, bitterness, regret, anger, guilt." 

Love also asked her to "stop focusing on what I didn't get and to focus instead on who I might become—how I might love more deeply."

Isn't that powerful? Love itself is powerful—and its power is something you and I have the choice to harness and use in our lives, whether it's healing from a hurt or simply a way of expressing ourselves in the world. As D'Arcy says, "A life fully open to love is unassailable."

I've heard D'Arcy speak, and I've attended a retreat she led. The love she brings into her presentations and into her work is palpable. I could literally feel the love in the room as she shared stories of lives transformed and as she reached out to draw all of us in, wounds, joys and all.

Is there something in your life that could benefit from the power of love? Are there people to whom you could reach out with this powerful gift? Let's try D'Arcy's idea of focusing on who we might become and how we might love more deeply. Just see what's possible!

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