Friday, March 28, 2014

Finding purpose

Why are you here? Or as Jungian analyst, psychiatrist and author Jean Shinoda Bolen puts it, "What's your assignment [here on earth]?" Recently a friend of mine invited two other friends and me to reflect on what our purpose is. We'll meet again next month to see what we're thinking about this question. This should be a fascinating journey.

Pretty deep, huh? And yet, what good questions. What an important life question.

These questions are about more than our job or career path. They're about more than our relationships. They cut to the very essence of our being. And they can ground us deeply in authenticity if we really spend time reflecting on them. This is not about being who you were expected to be, being who anyone else wanted you to be nor about just being pushed along by the waves of life and doing what you've always done.

These questions—and my friend's invitation to me—offer a chance to pause and reflect. If I'm on the path that seems right for me, are there any tweaks I want or need to do? If I'm not authentic to what feels like my calling or vocation, how do I make a shift? What needs to change? And if I'm not at all sure what my purpose it, how do I discover that?

Mystic and author Jan Phillips quotes from the Kabbalah (esoteric Jewish teachings that seek to define the nature and purpose of existence, among other things) and says, "We receive the light, then we impart the light. Thus we repair the world." If this is so, I want to think about how I "impart the light" I've received—and how what I do might be healing to others and the world.

If you want to discuss what your purpose might be, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session.

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