Friday, March 7, 2014

Life, change and flow

More and more I like to think of life as a process. I like to picture life unfolding. For me the images those terms bring have a flow to them much like a river moving along inevitably toward its destination. Sometimes that river meanders. Sometimes it rushes along. Often it works its way around tree limbs, rocks or other obstacles in its path. No matter, it finds its way to where it needs to be.

When I was much younger, I believed more in plans and schedules, and it seems that I worked hard to make things fit into those orderly plans and schedules. Now I am more comfortable with the flow of life and with things unfolding as they need to. Not that I still don't make plans—and often even think that's the way things will go! It's just that I'm more open now to just enjoying the journey. Changes don't throw me off balance in the same way they once did. I like to think that I'm more able to flex now with life events much as skyscrapers of more recent vintage move and sway slightly with high winds but still stay well grounded and in place.

I remember a poster I saw years ago that showed a winding path and contained the words, "Life is a journey, not a destination." Indeed.

I don't know what my tomorrows might contain. I can plan. I can imagine. But I don't know. And so I just have to let things unfold as they will—and be open to possibilities.  And most important, I can be OK with not knowing what's around the next bend. How about you? What images work best for you? Can you let go and allow life to unfold?

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